Girl, 6, tries to skip PE lesson with very questionable note ‘from mum’

Girl, 6, tries to skip PE lesson with very questionable note ‘from mum’

When Siobhan McLelland went to pick up six-year-old Myla Smith from school, her daughter’s teacher handed her a note she had tried to use to skip PE

A mum was left in stitches when a teacher handed over a note her daughter had forged in her name in a bid to get out of PE.

Six-year-old Myla Smith, from Johnstone in Scotland, was determined not to take part in the lesson and knew the best way to excuse herself would be to present the teacher with a note from her mum to say that she was feeling ill.

The only stumbling block was that Myla felt fine and didn’t have a note, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her as she got to work attempting to create an authentic fake, Daily Record reports.

But the cheeky youngster’s plan was foiled when the teacher spotted spelling errors and some questionable handwriting which hinted it may not have been penned by mum Siobhan McLelland at all.

The note, which had been handwritten on a piece of torn-off lined paper, reads: “Sory Myla cant bo PE tobay she is sic. From Mylas mum”.

Siobhan was presented with the note when she collected Myla from school at the end of the day and the mum shared her daughter’s hilarious attempt on social media.

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She explained that Myla hates PE and can be a bit of a drama queen, writing: “When Myla’s teacher comes over and tells me she had to sit out the full of p.e today….. this wean man.

“At least I was high school before I faked the notes. Looks very realistic hun. ‘Sory Myla can’t do p.e today she is sic’.

The post racked up thousands of likes from people who branded the schoolgirl a “genius”, as one wrote: “Would have let her off p.e just for all the effort she made.”

A second vouched for Myla, arguing: “This is 100% legit!! I would let her off just coz of her efforts! Well done.”

And someone added their own similar experience that failed in their school days, replying: “I tried that but they clicked on straight away after saying I had a broken neck.”